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Wound Healing/Scar Reduction Products

There are a wide variety of products on the market to help with wound healing and scar reduction.  Dr. Piasecki has reviewed many of them and has come up with his prescription for the best wound healing.  These products are available in our office or online.

For the first 10 days following surgery, Dr. Piasecki recommends patients apply antibiotic ointment once daily.  This reduces the chances of infection and keeps the wound moist as it’s beginning to heal. 

For the next 10 days, Dr. Piasecki recommends doing nothing.  Let the body heal on its own.

From 3 weeks until 6 months after surgery, scar reduction products can greatly improve the healing of scars.  

In the morning, apply a small dab of InviCible to the wound.  If it is on your face, apply moisturizers and camouflage or mineral make-up directly over the InviCible.  Click here for more product information or to order.

In the evening, apply a small dab of NewGel Silicone Gel directly to the wound and massage for 15 minutes.  Set a timer as initially, 15 minutes will feel like eternity!  Click here for more product information or to order.

Following scar massage, place NewGel Silicone Strips over wound.  Leave on until the morning.  Click here for more product information or to order.