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As your body heals from surgery or cosmetic treatments, you may experience multiple colors and depths of bruising.  With new advances in camouflage and mineral make-up, it is possible to look presentable in public following your suture removal or immediately following injectibles.  Once your swelling is gone, if make-up is applied correctly, most will not notice anything from 4 or more feet away.

Our staff have been trained on camouflage techniques and can help you cover up all stages of bruising.  Staff are available to train you on camouflage techniques.

We have created a camouflage kit with our favorite Jane Iredale products.  These kits are an economical way to purchase the products and are available in our office or online.

Camouflage Kit

Conveniently packaged in a travel make-up bag, the kit features four customized shades, making it just right for every skin type. Natural yet polished look with weightless feel.

Each Starter Kit includes:

Jane Iredale Corrective Colors
Corrective Colors contains four different corrective colors that cancel out practically every stage of surgical and traumatic wound healing. Easy to use with simple instructions contained in the package.  Yellow cancels red.  Peach cancels blue, purple and gray.  Lilac cancels yellow.  Beige is a neutral concealer to be layered on top.

Jane Iredale Amazing Base
Amazing Base offers the most coverage of any of the Jane Iredale foundations, and it is "amazing" for covering scarring, heavy bruising or even tattoos. To use, with cap closed, tip jar upside down to release some powder above the jar insert. Use the Handy Brush to apply to skin. Spritz skin with Pommist Spray after to set base in place.

Jane Iredale Handi Brush
The Handi Brush is a versatile, hand-tied goat hair brush for perfect application of Amazing Base or PurePressed® Base, PurePressed Blush, bronzer and shimmer powders. Ultra-soft and high-quality.

Jane Iredale Pommist Hydration Spray
Pommist Sprayis a hydrating facial spritz with the added benefit of pomegranate extract, a powerful antioxidant. Hydrates, conditions and protects all skin types. Sets mineral powders in place for long-lasting wear. To use, Lightly mist face from an arm's length distance whenever skin feels dry.